The first to introduce the array concept to GPR, IDS offers specific high-performance products for all those needing extensive underground utility mapping. IDS have several solution and can take you from basic locating to wide area mapping.

Detector Duo uses radar technology to locate buried utilities before starting trenching, drilling or no-dig operations. Compact, easy to transport and deploy, the Detector Duo helps prevent damage to cables and pipes and avoid the risk of pipe rupture during trenching and drilling operations. With the dual frequency antenna at 250 MHz and 700 MHz, Detector Duo provides simultaneous real time results of deep and shallow targets on the same screen and locates the exact position of pipes and cable.

RIS MF Hi-Mod systems has been specifically designed for utility mapping with multi frequency array solution offering great location accuracy and penetration depth with high levels of productivity.

STREAM EM: The vehicle towed radar solution for large scale 3D utilities mapping.