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  1. Private design locating VS unresponsive munincipalities.
  2. Who did you vote for?
  3. Best everyday use equipment
  4. Do you have a Land Line?
  5. Ginger or Marry Ann
  6. Stupid Curiosity....
  7. Does Putin deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
  8. Where is that darn Jet from Malaysia
  9. Chat Box Poll
  10. Do you think there should be National certification/licensing of Utility Locators?
  11. Transmitter weapon of choice?
  12. Quick Poll on Experience...
  13. Mobile Phone Use
  14. New Theme
  15. Would you consider resigning in a spectacular manner?
  16. Will there be a 2011 NFL season?
  17. Why did the Avatar thread close?
  18. Avatar poll
  19. a
  20. Thoughts about United States Infrastructure Corp
  21. Favorite Pizza
  22. safety call
  23. New Naming POLL
  24. Association for Locators
  25. NULCA Questions
  26. Staking University Poll
  27. How do you document your locates?
  28. Weekly Open Chat Poll
  29. What kind of music?
  30. sexual harassment in a male dominated profession
  31. Locate Rodeo Question
  32. Hows your investments since Obama took office???
  33. How do you Handle a Transition?
  34. Who feels contract locating has evolved into a 2 man operation?
  35. Favorite Alcoholic Drink - another round!
  36. Unionizing the Forum-
  37. which do you choose???
  38. Jackson Vs. Jardine
  39. what's the most common frequency you use?
  40. Projects!!!!
  41. Calling your DM to back up
  42. Sirius or XM
  43. Safety Vest Size and Color Preference
  44. Which is the most difficult to locate?
  45. What % of your locates end up being inductive?
  46. How many Services?
  47. what's your choice???
  48. Obama
  49. Supervisor Group
  50. New Debate Poll
  51. VP Debate
  52. Should I lighten up on the negativity???
  53. Whats your favorite sport??
  54. Fantasy Football YES or NO
  55. cheap boots or expensive boots?????
  56. Locator poster girls-
  57. How many Locators !
  58. How far away from your area do you live?
  59. What do you do?
  60. How many hours.
  61. What's it going to be? Veterans get OT or staffed correctly with new hires?
  62. TheCableVine vs. The Cablevine
  63. How did you find out about thecablevine?
  64. Favorite Alchoholic Drink
  65. Old Sight vs New Sight
  66. Favorite daily locating equiptment.
  67. How many years locating?