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  1. Question about the nature of design tickets and how they are handled by the one call centers for excavation in each state across the country.
  2. Synergy One Locating
  3. Victoria area Texas??? Need some help, please!
  4. Kansas City Explosion
  5. USIC leaving Virginia
  6. WHAT IF... Damage Prevention Was Public/ Government?!!
  7. Are you off Monday for President Day?
  8. Contact for USIC
  9. Railroads...?
  10. From the Utility side of things
  11. What's the Deal With Utility Company Locators?!!
  12. Credit report when applying?
  13. got a job with usic where will i train
  14. Is this January ???
  15. When will USIC learn? Corruption in Louisiana.
  16. Is there truely a difference between Private Locating and Public Locating?
  17. Tampa Bay Area questions...
  18. power outlets in tacomas
  19. Fan Mail from my fans
  20. Who knows what locating company is in main around bar habor main
  21. Anyone looking to relocate?
  22. Our trucks should have....
  23. What is your most memorable locate?
  24. Happy New Year 2013!
  25. Unibar DPG Phones
  26. My Christmas present
  27. Anybody still using the old Metrotech 810?
  28. If you were hiring.......
  29. Why would anyone want to be a utility locator??
  30. Holiday Weekend?!!
  31. !!!!!!verizon pulling danella contract in delaware!!!!!
  32. USIC and Heath in Bowling Green Ky
  33. Heath US
  34. W Va Pipeline Explosion
  35. Flu Season.
  36. Officials: Worker Punctured Gas Line, Causing Strip Club Explosion
  37. Laid off for the winter months.
  38. What happened
  39. Thanksgiving 2012
  40. Southern Illinois Job Fair for Supervisors & Locate Technicians
  41. Delaware locating
  42. How The Big Boys Live?
  43. Southern Illinois Job Fair for Supervisors & Locate Technicians
  44. IDNY Explosion
  45. Linder lake
  46. Good news for att areas
  47. S&N Locating Services
  48. Any USIC'ers with the new Nissans.
  49. Looking for locating companies
  50. Big Sandy
  51. Coin Wrench Power trick......
  52. locator jobs
  53. locating missing ETC's
  54. A light at the end of the tunnel
  55. Tool Pouches, Yay or Nay?
  56. Say it ain't so!!!
  57. Another reason
  58. AT&T Technician Murdered For His Wallet
  59. Private locating
  60. happy days USIC
  61. Vote
  62. Hiring two locators in Richmond VA
  63. Looking for Locators in or near Fairfax Va
  64. question about site
  65. Usic
  66. New here
  67. Last locate for USIC
  68. aahhhh!!!
  69. Manhole Madness
  70. usic is a joke
  71. F←→u. Usic
  72. Labor Day Weekend
  73. Question for anyone who knows. . .
  74. Had interview with USIC today and have a question.
  75. Weight on my shoulders.
  76. Stake center locating
  77. Pissed
  78. Looking
  79. Duct Hunter
  80. Did you see this e-mail?
  81. locating water help
  82. tired of nothing getting better @ usic
  83. Indiana USIC Locators
  84. Thinking of switching companies
  85. Ibew cards
  86. Mccould and KDL fiber contract lost
  87. Hourly pay
  88. Atlantic InfraTrac
  89. Private Locators
  90. Windstream contract gone
  91. Florida att contract
  92. Summer Damage Prevention Magazine
  93. Gun laws in your state.
  94. Thought go out to sprayandpray
  95. What's up?!
  96. Heat, heat, and while your at it, more heat!
  97. Some New Reading
  98. Sent to my death bed!
  99. Wild fires
  100. Happy 4th of July
  101. A river of power lines
  102. Usic - the real company!
  103. Cable fault locates
  104. Peak and Null
  105. Gpr
  106. IBEW way to go.
  107. cast iron sewers
  108. water mains
  109. Old Communication lines
  110. Question for all
  111. anybody in dfw get a letter in the mail?
  112. December 21, 2012
  113. 3D GPR Software
  114. Ameren Contract Info
  115. Locating companies in Pittsburg
  116. What's the point?
  117. Going on a Journey
  118. Ridiculous locate question.
  119. New dig laws help protect underground facilities and the individuals working on them. South Carolina leads the way!
  120. Is Verizon in New York State up to something strange? They seem to be stopping thier locates.
  121. What is going on with Verizon in NY?
  122. Any thoughts on getting a UNION in at USIC? Tampa Fl.and several other offices are already union.
  123. I put in for a position in Missouri at USIC over a month ago!
  124. Usic gps
  125. “Pixie Dust and Unicorn Tears”
  126. revenue protection job
  127. Resume help
  128. Verizon Delaware locate contract
  129. C-3 Virginia
  130. What a wasted day!
  131. Is this a joke?
  132. locating in Washington state
  133. It's about to get heavy...
  134. Remote toning transmitter?
  135. Underwater Locates
  136. Fisher M-scope TW-6
  137. Remember to get home safe all things are avoidable
  138. Dog attack this afternoon-almost
  139. Will I make alot less $$?
  140. Damage Prevention Magazine Spring 2012
  141. How to scare a contractor LOL
  142. Dazed and Confused
  143. Snake!!!
  144. Retirement
  145. I don't know if I can make it through the summer.
  146. Metrotech 530 Operating Manual
  147. USIC MSP District voting on union
  148. Home- yard restore and improve shows
  149. I have to give it to you guys....
  150. TCV Facebook Group Page
  151. Forced lunch half hour
  152. overtime
  153. Happy Easter everyone!
  154. I need a lot of help!
  155. Curious, what DOES your employee handbook say?
  156. I think I am done with this area of expertise....
  157. Spring Rush
  158. Union activity
  159. goggle threat
  160. Overworked and underpaid
  161. Need Locator Fisher info.
  162. i see that usic is posting again for many jobs in areas where consolidated was.
  163. Need to have receiver repaired.
  164. Any USIC folks in the southeast?
  165. Russian military has landed in Syria !!!
  166. Getting organized
  167. Our new raises
  168. OneVision bought by Utiliquest?
  169. S&N Locating and USIC in negotiation?
  170. Noobs in the field. God help us.
  171. new word of the day
  172. Stresssss
  173. Metrotech 810 and 850 gone!!!!
  174. RD4000 Issue
  175. Some questions about contracts and production (efficiency)...
  176. Need help finding sewer lateral
  177. need info
  178. what careers can utility locating lead into?
  179. do you get payed for travel from home to your first locate
  180. what is the maximum amount of hours locators can work per week?
  181. Whitney Houston Dead at 48
  182. where can i BUY used locate equipment
  183. J fletcher Creamer and the Verizon contract
  184. The Premiere Locating Company
  185. biggest damage
  186. CGA Conference in March
  187. Words of Wisdom for the New Year
  188. Utiliquest Interview
  189. Ride Alongs
  190. Topeka Kansas House Explosion
  191. New to locating have a few general questions
  192. Questions to ask when applying for a job
  193. Bid project
  194. money ....
  195. What are my odds?
  196. Metrotech Repair Atl Ga
  197. Reading Material
  198. Locating Buried Plastic Services (UK)
  199. Locate Overkill
  200. Question by New Participant on Water Leak Detection
  201. Are you a locator?
  202. Damage Prevention Magazine/Winter 2012
  203. Alaska? What company is up there currently?
  204. Iowa judge issues penalty against company over excavations
  205. Hows the weather?
  206. Is This The Year That The Contract Business Collapses?
  207. 5/45?
  208. tablets
  209. I'm done.
  210. And I'm out!
  211. Football
  212. Restructuring areas?
  213. New Years Resolutions for 2012
  214. Discounts
  215. old news story, lady accused of cutting fiber optics!!!
  216. SS ELM Titanic
  217. Great Music
  218. Where was Aisha Khan?
  219. Merry Christmas
  220. It's December 31st
  221. Stayten to step down from the Indianapolis Airport Authority
  222. Is it summer yet?
  223. Red Bull NYE '12- There's No Snow in San Diego
  224. Verizon going back in-house?
  225. Annapolis Locating?
  226. For those of you in charge...
  227. Don't leave Acetylene tanks in your truck.
  228. Agl atlanta gas contract
  229. Quick informal poll...Biker Build Off
  230. Truck Question.....
  231. Food for Thought
  232. Paint Nozzle Freezing
  233. Americas Newest Boomtown
  234. Maybe I should become a Security Guard
  235. the way awsome usic health plan!
  236. Big ones up for bid.
  237. happy thanksgiving
  238. From the couch of this former usic employer Goodbye
  239. What would it take?
  240. Unibar
  241. National Certification
  242. 16" Water Main Break
  243. AGL sucks to locate
  244. Veterans Day
  245. A real Jackpot of a hit!!!
  246. So is union talk not on here?
  247. Updates
  248. ***Attention Indiana Locators***
  249. Usic
  250. Fairness in ur workplace thru the union