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    Private Utility Locating is needed when you have more than public utilities like Power, Telephone, Gas, Cable TV, Sewer or Water on your property.

    Before hiring a private locator you should always call your local one call service to have the above mentioned utilities located for free. You can do this by simply dialing 811. You will  be automatically redirected to your local One Call Center. After you have done that then you should hire a private locator to mark out any lines not covered by the one call notification system. It is up to you to have your privately owned utilities located.

    When you are ready to hire a locator you can either visit the Private Utility Locator Directory and choose among the many locating companies listed or you can simply fill out the request for a Private Utility Locator and have a locator in your area to contact you. Filling out the form is recommended.

    How will you know if you have private utilities on your property? Any line that runs between a power meter and your home or outbuilding will be private. Gas lines that are metered on the edge of the property or gas lines that go from your home to an outbuilding are privately owned. Sprinkler wires, electrical lines that supply outside lighting. Propane lines that run from your tank to the home are often forgotten. Private utilities are not limited to just these few.

    Most large commercial or public properties will have private lines on them. Especially between buildings. Fiber Optics are a big concern since many properties have them running from one building to another or from a building to street. The cost of repairing Fiber Optic lines far exceeds the cost of locating them.

    That old saying; "A stitch in time, saves nine" is exactly what you need to remember if you are unsure about hiring a private locator.

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