I got the new vloc ML2 plus unit and will compare it to the ML2 version I have been using. The first thing is there is very little info available on this new vivax unit, even the manual is the same one for the older ML2 unit but there is a extra sheet available that addresses how to use the new marker depth feature. At first glance it has a new ring (antenna) half way up the tube but if you read the specs it still lists the same number as the ML2 old version? But it is a different machine because of that new ring on the old ML2 when you wanted a depth reading once centered over a marker ball it would instruct you to raise the unit 12" higher and wait for the depth reading though not hard it was a hassle to sit there and hold it up to near eye level while waiting and if you moved while doing it the reading was off. The old reading was always off a little anyway. The new ML2+ you just push i like on the vlocpro2 and it takes it a bit and gives you the depth reading. And it is now very accurate. They also added different maker types to search for also, you have regular balls, toilet seat style and omni markers and an automatic setting if you don't know what type it is but the depth is not as accurate. The rest of the machine is just like the old ML2 and vloxpro2 supposedly is has a faster processor but I can not verify that at this point. I wanted one since I saw that other antenna because I always did not trust the depth on my vloc ML2 before.