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    Default Rx Clamp

    I just unpacked a clamp I bought off Ebay, Its labelled a 10/TC1628 PTX TRANSMITTER CLAMP
    Its a heavy piece of kit & I assumed it might be a Low Frequency clamp, it looks like a CD/CM Clamp that is in the RD4000 User Manual.

    I tried it on some test lines at home & its dont work any better than my regular Metrotech Clamp

    Anyone know this clamp & what its best used for, I guess its not much use to me with my T3 transmitter.

    While on the Subject I also got a (NIB) RD Live Plug Connector, for pushing a signal up a mains power outlet, Not very impressed, Weak signal & half actual depth readings, I get a better trace by using the regular leads with red clip on the Earth pin at the outlet & the black clip on a good ground stake. Anyone actually bother with these gadgets in the field ??

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    Default Re: Rx Clamp

    Hey Ground, Most Ringclamps work on the same principles and the only difference is the way they are built. I would guess that the ringclamp would be about the same as the metrotech, the only difference being is the frequency being used by the transmitter.

    As for the "Live Plug Connector", the connector is built to prevent any accidental current to reach the Transmitter. I believe there is other ways to connect to outlets that would be cheaper, as well as produce a slight stronger signal than the connector. Depending on the Outlet, you can back the plate screw out enough to hook to it and hook straight to the screw. If the outlet is grouned properly this will light up the conduit. If its inside however, you may run into other hurdles.


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