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Thread: Locating on side hills

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    Default Locating on side hills

    Ok since I understand the pipe thing better now how about locating on side hills. Won't your receiver pick up different signals on side hills due to the height of the receiver in relation to the magnetic field or am I missing some basic theory?

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    Default Re: Locating on side hills

    The trick is to keep your reciever oriented to the original plane. So if you are standing on a hill, you have to treat your reciver like it has a liquid level bubble on it. All your marks should be directly verticle of the utility. I've seen more then one locator put paint on a hill when they located at a signal and were 3' to the side of the vertical location of the utility.

    As for magnetic field interference, you will get some interference depending on where the other utilities are placed. Most hillsides won't be a drastic enbankment, it will be normal slope like that. On Some occasions where the slope is more of a cliff.... I told the contractors that the mark has horrizontal from the utility, not directly verticle.

    This probably doesn't answer any of your questions, but ..... I'm sick and my brain hurts.


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    Default Re: Locating on side hills

    MKE hit the nail on the head.
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