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Thread: Ditchwitch 830 R/T?

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    Question Ditchwitch 830 R/T?

    Anyone know anything about the DW 830?
    My company is replacing our old Metrotech 810's with them.

    I like the 810, and I also have an RD 4000.
    the 810 is great on gas but sucks on power.
    vice versa for the RD 4000.

    How is the Ditchwitch 830 compared to the 810?
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    Default Re: Ditchwitch 830 R/T?

    I work for the manufacturer so I'm biased. But, I would say this - get in touch with your nearest Ditch Witch dealer and get them to let you demo an 830R/T. Compare it head to head with an 810 set for performance. The 830 is designed to be much more rugged than an older 810. The analog needle on the old 810 will be quicker than the 830. The 830 was made as quick as it could be with digital processing. You may find that repairs for an old 810 are difficult.

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