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Thread: Cathodic protection system

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    Default Cathodic protection system

    What's up guys,

    Ok so two days ago I was speaking with the senior service e tech for the local santa Margarita water District and we started talking about all the different materials they have in the ground through his district for the water mains.....ductile iron, steel, an sdr and he mentioned that they are starting to run cathodic protection on their waterlines where it's appicable..... I've never heard of this in the past.....and didn't know you could do it to water lines. Now that being said do you guys have any experience in tracing water lines with cathodic protection on them? I have a rd7000dl+. Now if I want to trace a line like that do I just set my locator to cps mode and go from there like a normal line trace?

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    Default Re: Cathodic protection system

    cps is great except 120hz presents it's own problems, you need to hook up and give it a go.

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    Default Re: Cathodic protection system

    Cathodic protection is used to place a very slight electrical charge on metallic pipes, to help prevent them from corroding or rusting.

    It should not get in the way of your locating. It actually might help slightly, as you could pick up the cathodic protection charge with a radio passive maybe, although that is frowned upon anyway.

    Since all pipes that use this are metal anyway, you should be able to apply a magnetic signal with no real issues.

    The only issue at hand with pipes that are in direct contact with the earth (meaning no rubber sheathing like with electric) is that the transmitter signal dissipates into the earth faster and more often. Meaning your signal won't go as far before needing to re-connect somewhere else.
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