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Thread: 810 v. 810DX

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    Default 810 v. 810DX

    How does the Metrotech 810DX compare to the old 810? As good, better, not as good?

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    Default Re: 810 v. 810DX

    As good usually. I use the dx as one of my current machines. Most of them will last years, but occasionally one of the plugs for the clamp/wires will go bad or moisture will get under the reciever power button and then it won't locate in freezing temps.

    The 2 machines have different signal strength readouts. The old 810 signal bottoms out around 450-550 and the dx bottoms out around 0-180. Pretty much all of the dx's will run the same, so loaners during repairs will locate the same, but old 810's are all slightly different and take getting used to.

    The old 810 transmitter has half the wattage output, so the dx will push things slightly farther.

    I think the old 810 is a little tougher and a little less prone to breaking down.

    I think the new vm-810 is worth looking at. The old 810 and dx are no longer in production, making parts for repair more expensive. The VM-810 runs just as well as the other 2 and we haven't had 1 go in for repair so far.

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