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    Quote Originally Posted by OVUS1 View Post
    Some people approach learning locating using the "path of least resistance" method. They tend to pick up perceived shortcuts and techniques that require greater skill than they possess at the time, and these bad habits many times make the task easier so they stick to them. I was an equipment trainer for several years for Radiodetection Corporation, and have trained thousands of people on locating techniques. I had the same experience as Mke - tried to convey as much good information as possible in the time allowed, only to find out later that many picked up bad habits after continued field training and had been "very lucky" as opposed to very skilled in many of their locates.

    I never taught induction unless I was personally aware of the ability and experience of the trainee. We as a company allow it only by those technicians that have verifiable training, experience, and the track record (audited) to support its' use by those few individuals cleared by Operations to use it.

    Again, it seems that there are more training issues relating to associated tasks, not just locating. Cameras, manifest technology, virtual (ticket management) processes, computer proficiencies are all critical to complete a locate, and it is just as frustrating when these tasks are glossed over during the initial hiring process and the tech ends up struggling with these issues while trying to accurately locate UG utilities.
    What you write about is why in my training I explain that they will run into locators who use these methods and will recommend to my trainee that they also use them. They will run into these people and I prepare them for this with why thy should not follow this well intentioned but bad advice.

    As you pointed out there are going to be trainees who regardless will use these methods thinking it is easier. For these people at least my teaching them how to use the methods properly with hands on training rather than hearing about it and doing trail and error. I give them a chance to survive in the job. But more important people who later dig on these noobie doing something they should not have a better chance of not being injured or killed.

    Those that I can reach and instill a good attitude I do, those that no matter what will have a poor attitude will at least be taught the methods properly.

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    I was trained using the 3 day method.

    1st day- Watched as the trainer did his work, asked questions, took notes, and diddled with the equipment and hook ups.

    2nd day- Routed and Drove, while trainer critiqued or enlightend me depending on what stupid mistakes I did.

    3rd day- Routed and Drove, left out in the middle of nowhere with enough paint and daylight to finish a locate. Trainer trippled the time it would of taken him, then came and picked me up. He proceeded to verify my paint. Asked how I hooked up and other questions.

    The Rest of the time training was just familiarizing my self with the Day to day stuff, and him getting on me about swaggin the machine.

    I feel when you are in a private locating atmosphere, the employees your training should have a minimum of 1yr locating under their belt......... I was sorely mistaken. So, I tried to train them the same way I was....... Behind the wheel.

    as for the ability to teach........ teaching takes time........ time some companies don't want to spend.


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