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Thread: I have a suggestion

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    To My Fellow Locators

    After today I will no longer be an employee here at USIC. With that said I
    would like to take a few minutes of your time to express my feelings/thoughts
    and encourage you. The heart of the company to get what you deserve. The only
    way you will be able to accomplish this is to organize and become a union of
    locators. Each and every locator should be compensated and valued for what they
    do for USIC. Right now we are undervalued and under compensated all while being
    overworked. I know some of you may be skeptical or question whether a union is
    the right way to go. As a person who will not gain anything whether or not USIC
    locators organize It can be unbiased, but I truly believe you must come together
    and vote “YES” to a union. Those of you who are unsure or have a negative
    attitude towards this issue are most likely just misinformed or under informed.
    All you need to do is ask and there will be an answer to what your worries are.
    If you ask the company they will say the union doesn’t care about you they just
    want your money…. When was the last time this company gave a crap about you or
    what you did with your money. Many of you ask “What can a union do for us?” or
    “Why are there no guarantees set in place before we organize?” The answer is
    simple. Until we vote to organize we cannot express what we need, deserve, or
    want to the union or USIC. We as locators will all decide what we all feel are
    right because we are the union. Right now USIC is not a place that cares about
    what any of us want as long as we make them money. USIC says they care about you
    and your family but why did they not give raises with the small bonus. Why do
    they tell us that we have to work the weekends to stay ahead of the game when
    they say the care about family time. Why did they give us one of the worst
    insurance plans I have ever seen or been a part of. Why do we no longer get
    anything for being on call when we are asked to be on so much more often. Why
    are we told to do the job the right way but then get 30+ tickets in one day to
    do? For all of you that say that the one thing a union can promise me is that I
    have to pay dues you are wrong. A union will make us have written rules that we
    can actually see and we will have a contract. We will not be fired for no reason
    what so ever like many of our fellow locators. A union is a way to put us as
    locators in charge of our own future and not in fear that every day is our last.

    This was sent out and then just vanished out of my e-mail.

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    Default Re: I have a suggestion

    good luck buddy at your next job...hope you have better fortunes there !
    wise men talk because they have something to say and fools because they have to say something....plato

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