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Thread: Korterra Emergency Alerts via SMS Problems with AT&T

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    Default Korterra Emergency Alerts via SMS Problems with AT&T

    Hello all. We switched from Teldig (garbage) to Korweb about 5 years ago. Itís enabled us to get 70% of our tickets done the same day, running circles around our competition. In December of last year, we stopped getting our Emergency Locate requests via SMS. Digging down into tech services, we have found that AT&T is now charging for buisness SMS services. The problem is, we canít add buisness SMS since we donít have corporate lines (we use our personal lines and get a generous stipend). Has anyone else had this problem and how did you get over it? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Korterra Emergency Alerts via SMS Problems with AT&T

    We use Korterra also here. We had the same problem about 2 weeks ago with AT&t . I know that Korterra is aware of this problem bc they addressed it about that time 2 weeks back . I am sure they are going to figure out how to fix . Those guys over there are really smart with their system. Most of us here are on Verizon phone svc and do not have any problems with getting our Emergency call outs. Hope you guys figure out how to fix . May have to just cut out the problem .
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