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Thread: Possible problem in the near future

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    Default Possible problem in the near future

    I'm warning everyone that the website might go down sometime in the next few days or even as late as a month from now.

    Why??? I'm glad you asked. I've paid the monthly dues to the company that hosts this site but they are sending me overdue notices. I've submitted a problem ticket with their billing department letting them know I have paid the bill and I included the PayPal transaction number in the ticket. The ticket is still open and I've received a 3rd overdue notice. SO... if you show up one day and the site just won't load and it says something like can't find the site or server not found. Then that is the reason and I will need to find another host. Until I hear back from them I will be making nightly backups. cross your fingers

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    Default Re: Possible problem in the near future

    go to they are a much better host at a better price
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