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Thread: Outlaw Locater Leaves The Locating World..... At Least For Now (Bonus Video)

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    Exclamation Outlaw Locater Leaves The Locating World..... At Least For Now (Bonus Video)

    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was probably the best job I've ever had so far..... until they put me on the "on-call" list.... until free overtime pay season ended. That's right, I left my locating job.

    I was making $13.50/hour but the public locates company I was working for paid us door to door (when you leave your front door to when you walk in it). This resulted in about 10 hours of free on the clock time each week making my salary average to about $18.56/hour with time and a half overtime pay. But once fall ended they "put the clamps on overtime" limiting everyone to 40 hours a week meaning about $205 less a week for me..... I started my new land survey job 2 days after those figurative clamps got put on.

    Land survey isn't exactly where I pictured myself after college but its going to pay the bills for now. The survey company I'm working for is super small (5 people) and offers no benefits but they agreed to start me at $18.25/hour. Also there's no such thing as "on-call" in survey which takes a small load off my shoulders.

    I already miss locating..... SIIIIIKE!.... I miss they lifestyle: being my own boss, getting payed to drive around most of the day, not having to be at work at a super specific time, being able to run a quick personal errand on the clock, driving to work in someone else's' car on someone else's gas . These are all things that I miss.

    When I started locating I had no idea what it even was. And thats why before I left I made a video for people looking at jobs in locating. Checkout it out, give it a like, give me some feedback on it. It needs your views/likes so that it can gain youtube relevance and get seen by people searching the internet for what locating is. Enjoy:

    PS - if anyone knows any land surveys let me know how they made out career advancement wise. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Outlaw Locater Leaves The Locating World..... At Least For Now (Bonus Video)

    No Safety Vest. js

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    Default Re: Outlaw Locater Leaves The Locating World..... At Least For Now (Bonus Video)

    Hey Outlaw-

    I'm based out of our survey department. Actually, my boss is the survey manager and he has been in the survey industry for years. He is curently making just a hair under 6 figures and only works outside, maybe once every two to three months. In other words, if the cards line up, you can make a good career out of it.

    As for not having "On-Call".... They do not have on-call like locators have on-call. However, don't think you won't be working in the middle of the night in some god forsaking place. Most the time when you will be doing day work, but when construction season comes you will work when it is convienent for the guys paying you.

    For example; Our contract surveyors routinely have to come in at 3 in the morning to check elevations on base rock the morning of the asphalt delivery. We are not the only ones who do this. Department of Transportations will perform the same way.

    I don't mean to dis-suade you from survey, I actually encourage sticking with it. I highly recomend you getting your LSIT as soon as you are able. Once you get certified you will be more valuable and the money will start getting higher.

    Also, Learn as much as you can about the equipment you can. Some survey tech's I see can't run the equipment well enough to work through any issue. The ones who can.... make money and are never laid off in the off season.

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