The purpose of a forum in the "Companies and Organizations" section is to promote that company/organization. It is for the forum members to interact with a representative of that forum. The interaction should be a positive one.

In the NULCA forum we recently saw a little back and forth between a member and the moderator. Both the Moderator and the Member said some things that I don't think should have been posted. The moderator deleted the exchange. Not a big deal. They both took it to PM where it should have been in the first place. I normally frown on the deletion of posts but in this case, neither of the two persons really contributed to the positive promotion of NULCA.

So, in the future, if you are posting in any of the "Companies and Organizations" (C/O) sections be aware that these forums are different. They are run by the people who are involved with those Companies or Organizations and they are there for the specific purpose of promoting the listed C/O.

The locators Lounge is a good spot to express yourself about NULCA if you aren't too happy with it. Oddly enough, the NULCA forum is not the spot for it.