I think it can be done. I detect and map underground utilities at complex sites. Our mapping is comprehensive and accurate. It includes inactive utilities, rails, tunnels, etc. Probably 80% is done with two person electromagnetic induction. The other 20% or hopefully less might have to be filled in boots on the ground with direct connect and clamps. Us pilots understand flight rules, how to fly and how to talk to ATC. We can fly drones most anywhere with the right protocol. Anyone interested can learn airspaces too by learning about Class A, B, C, D, E and G airspaces. You don't fly at 100', but more like 3'. I think the concept works well for larger sites and GIS, but probably not tickets. Pedestrians, cars, etc. complicate the issue, so sounds like night work, cordoning, etc. Certainly plenty of limitations compared to us humans that work around things all day. I'm in.