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Thread: Traceable Camera Scope?

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    Question Traceable Camera Scope?

    I am wanting to know if there is a traceable camera scope. I know they make cameras with a sonde on the tip, but is there a camera out there that will allow me to put a tone on the length of the camera inside the pipe, so I can mark it out above ground? I have a big project locating hundreds of sewer services and I want to be able to scope the pipe as well as trace it outside. Because there is a need for a visual inspection as well as locating the service I thought this might be the best way. PLAN B would be to use my fiberglass rodder to locate and follow behind it with a camera for the inspection. (We don't own a camera yet and I was looking to use this project to fund its purchase and wanted to see if there was a "toneable" camera. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Traceable Camera Scope?

    There is a couple of options here for you.... You can unroll your camera reel and tape a conductor on the outside of the existing cable for the time being. It will take about 200' of wire and a case of electrical tape, but it will do the job. I know that the See Snake ( ) from rigid had metallic conductors inside the cable itself. I could connect to the 3 pronged connector and get a pretty good signal. The third option is to push the camera at 10' increments and locate accordingly. (What I used to do is locate only where there was a direction change and then just connect the dots. It's quicker and just as accurate.

    good luck.
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    Default Re: Traceable Camera Scope?

    Some scopes have the RCA style jacks that come from the reel to plug into a small screeen; Just unplug the RCA from the screen and hook onto it with your locator; there is wire from the jack to the camera. Ive done it multiple times for contractors in the city I work in.
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