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Thread: " Smart Stick"?Anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessionalLocator View Post
    A gps enabled paint stick with a wireless link to the laptop in your truck. Keeps constant track of your location, the color paint you loaded into the stick and every time you pull the trigger records where you put the paint. Imagine what that will cost to outfit your entire company with them. Considering the beating a paint stick takes they better be made of armor plate.

    Wow....I've been away for awhile.

    This sounds like the next "improvement" for USIC. Watch, I bet they will waste my bonus, raise, and other benefits on this next.
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    Default Re: " Smart Stick"?Anyone?

    Ya know I was just talking to my supervisor about this... all I could do was shake my head.... in the past 2 weeks we have lost 2 experienced locators, and one has told my supervisor he will be leaving..... and everyone I know in my group has a problem with the chump change they are getting paid... Hell, as much as I like this work... I am even considering going back to operating equipment... they will spend money on this type of crap... but won't shell out a couple of bucks per hour to keep good locators? as a former business owner myself... I knew that the best tool in the world wasn't worth squat in the hands of someone who didn't know how to use it....
    instead of investing in smart sticks... they should be investing in the people who will use them... because after all... without the locator... there will be no one to use them...

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