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Thread: Intro: A Different Secondary Direct Buried Cable Fault Locator

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    Default Intro: A Different Secondary Direct Buried Cable Fault Locator

    Hello Everyone. My name is Troy Ross and I am new to the forum and community. I figured the best way to introduce myself would be to post a thread about a different secondary direct buried cable fault locator. This device was invented by an electrical engineer. His name was HB Ross, Jr and he was my Dad. He designed and developed the passive process to locate direct buried secondary cable faults back in 1973. Like most inventions, the ACVGDŽ began as a passing thought and my Dad maintained that it was a God given inspiration which later produced this original concept drawing seen below in 1974.

    From concept to prototype, the unit you see below was put into the field for testing by VEPCO linemen in September of 1974. Valuable feedback was received which included physical characteristics that needed improvement to make it more rugged and functional in the user environment. Field tests continued through 1975 when the HB ROSS MANUFACTURING COMPANY was formed.

    Below is a recent photo of one of the very first units that went into production at the HB ROSS MANUFACTURING COMPANY. This particular unit was used by VEPCO linemen in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area for a few years then taken out of service in July of 1978. VEPCO is now known as Dominion Virginia Power.

    Over the past 40 years, the ACVGDŽ Ross MeterŽ continues to have a 98% capture rate on faults due to damaged or degraded sheathing. It continues to prove its worth by locating the faults within 15 minutes or less. And it continues to provide a safer work environment for operators since no additional equipment is required to be connected to the customer's service. Today's version of the unit is seen below.

    My Dad was 75 years old when he passed away on November 12, 2014. After graduating from Columbia High School in Columbia, South Carolina he served in the U.S. Air Force and attended the Air Force Electronics School in Denver, Colorado. Afterwards he attended the University of South Carolina and received a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in May of 1965. In June of 1965, he began to work for VEPCO in Hampton, Virginia. He retired from Dominion Virginia Power in Richmond, Virginia, having worked there for 30 years. He was an electrical engineer, supervisor, district manager and project manager. He was also the inventor of the ACVGDŽ meter and owner of the HB ROSS Manufacturing Company. His company is still in operation and I am now part owner of the company. My goal is to offer the community a device which we feel is different, unique and offers a faster solution than most other instruments available today.

    I invite you to visit our website and I welcome any questions and comments. Thank you for your time!

    View the ACVGDŽ Ross MeterŽ User Manual -
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