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Thread: GSSI Structure Scan Mini XT & LineTracXT

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    Question GSSI Structure Scan Mini XT & LineTracXT

    Does anyone in here use the concrete scanners from GSSI? We started using the new Mini XT last summer and have been having good results with it. The main concern left open on certain jobs, is accurately identifying power conduits buried in slabs. Slabs can get busy in a hurry with rebar, PT cables, pan decking, radiant heat pipes, etc. So to combat this problem GSSI released their LineTracXT; an accessory to the Mini XT that is able to detect AC current and overlay this data onto the GPR data. I believe the technology behind it is a magnetometer or antenna picking up on the induced 60 Hz radio frequency in the power grid.

    Has anyone heard of this or have any experience using it? We are not quite ready to invest in one at this point, but my next question is, can you guys think of any ways to find those difficult to locate power conduits inside concrete slabs? I would consider using my vLOC 5000 receiver in passive modes or induction locating if I could isolate a leg. Are there any simple electric tools or other means? Thanks!

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    Default Re: GSSI Structure Scan Mini XT & LineTracXT

    I just looked at it and it is going to intergrate well with the gssi software for the report but I doubt it will be as effective as your vloc 5000. Have you tried the vloc 5000 on any of these jobs?

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