I've been in the Utility locating/ SUE industry, for about 17 years (mostly East Coast).
I am trying to find the connection between: Time Domain Electro Magnetic (TDEM) , and/or Frequency Domain Electro Magnetic (FDEM), mostly used in the field of Geology, and how it can contribute to mapping utilities. The way I see it, FDEM is like GPR that you can hold at "waist high" and navigate terrain that any of todays GPR units could not think about. The data is collected by a Geonics EM-31 or 61, (there are other companies that make similar instruments) and thru post-priocessing, you get a beautiful picture of everywhere the earth has been disturbed, showing vitreous clay sewer laterals and plastic pipe irrigation (just to name a couple). OK, now you have an idea of what I'm thinking. What do you guys think?