I was working in wyoming for another locating company during a contract exchange and they wanted to spend money on new shit but was pickey about my background. i mean they had a NEW truck on the way i had a RD 8000 in hand as well as new laptop, brand new cell phone and gas card. and on the last day of my other companys contract bam we cant hire you because you have a battery charge from 6 years ago. i told the lady in indianapolis that it was obsurd i havent had any charges since hell i was 18. but like i told them good luck i covered 1/8th of wyoming by myself for Rocky mountain power and Century link. USIC wont last long there. Not in my old town. they arent too keen on outsiders especially on the ranches and rig propertys they will shoot on site if you get off the roadway.

Also have fun finding housing in douglas