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Thread: Stake Center Locating AKA S&N Communications not a pleasant place to work long term

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    Default Stake Center Locating AKA S&N Communications not a pleasant place to work long term

    I have Read all the posts here about Stake Center and it�s emplyees before I submitted my resume to the Florida market and took my chances.

    I heard that they were a small mom and pop company and other good things in the field from locators that have been with them for years nationwide.
    Now, not so much after they picked up crown castle nationwide.
    I�m happy for them and congratulations on the big crown castle contract.
    That�s a big fish for them on their line.

    I got fired for no reason whatsoever right before my 90 days probation. The reason was that I failed an audit which was totally bogus.
    I had quit USIC making $22 an hour to work for them and now I regret it because I could never go back.
    They do steal USIC employees. They told me that when you see USIC employees in the field to refer them to stake center. make big offers and lure in their locators.

    Also, The new state manager, Lou, for Florida, Was scraped from the bottom of the barrel.
    He was an old Central locating services reject manager (fired). Then he went to work for premier locating up north as a manager. he was then fired again when USIC took over.

    Seems like Tony, Brandon, Nick have all abandoned us locators at stake center and left Florida in the mercy of Lou who has a Napoleon complex. Upper management could care less now... they are blinded by the light of gold with this crown castle contract and forgot about the little guys who made them.

    Anyway, I do not recommend working for this company as a locator. the culture has definitely changed from what I�ve heard. they let old USIC managers come from USIC and CLS and they have poisoned the stake center culture Of quality before production. They might as well change the door signs to USIC.

    After my experience, it�s not a good company to work for in my opinion and they are just like the rest of the underbidding cookie cutters in this industry now.

    There was a uniqueness about them before I started working for them that lured me in , but now after what I�ve seen, it�s just another cut throat environment.

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    Default Re: Stake Center Locating AKA S&N Communications not a pleasant place to work long term

    S&N Communications, a utility construction company that owns S&N Locating, bought Stake Center Locating about 4 years ago and immediately began imposing the changes you have noted. Word is S&N Communications made some poor construction contract decisions so more changes are possible. They may decide to gut the locate firms to keep the construction part open. There is one CEO for all operations and he has always put construction over locating.

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    Default Re: Stake Center Locating AKA S&N Communications not a pleasant place to work long term

    of ALL the locating companies that have come and gone in this state , S & N / stake center , got ran out of the state A T & T contract the fastest ! They kept their contract about a year and some .
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