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Thread: S&N software lawsuit

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    Default S&N software lawsuit

    From S&N website, my comments below it.

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    S&N Locating Services, LLC and S&N Communications, Inc. (collectively "S&N") achieved a major court victory over CertusView Technologies, LLC ("CertusView"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dycom Industries, Inc. (NYSEY), in a ruling handed down on January 21, 2015.

    CertusView filed the lawsuit against S&N in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in May 2013. CertusView accused S&N of infringing five separate patents held by CertusView pertaining to utility locate operations. From the suit’s commencement, S&N denied those allegations and maintained that CertusView’s patents were invalid. In a 96-page opinion issued on January 21, 2015, a federal judge held that all of CertusView’s asserted patent claims were invalid as a matter of law. As a result of that ruling, CertusView’s infringement claims have been dismissed and judgment has been entered in favor of S&N.

    S&N's victory in this case represents good news for the locating industry, one call centers nationally, and the safety of the general public. In the last several years, CertusView had obtained a large number of patents on what many thought were unpatentable locating operating practices. This legal rejection by the federal district court vindicates that position.
    ================================================== ========================

    CertusView is not listed as a Dycom subsidiary on the Dycom website but a web search confirms Dycom owns them.

    CertusView sued at least one other locating firm for the same thing.

    CertusView claimed nobody could draw in utilities onto a satellite image because that was their idea. They did not sue the Canadian software company TelDig which by my searching was the first company to produce dig ticket software. TelDig software is in us in the USA.

    CertusView is owned, so backed, by Dycom which owns the locating firms Utiliquest, Locating Inc. & STS Inc. . Even if they knew they could not win in court the effort would be successful if they disrupted the business of Dycom competitors, in this respect the lawsuit was successful.

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    Default Re: S&N software lawsuit

    Patent trolls.

    I hate to tell Certus view, but we have been drawing utilities on arial images for decades.

    I hate Thieves and Patent trolls.....and clowns, but the first two piss me off, the third just creeps me out.

    Congrats to S&N


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    Default Re: S&N software lawsuit

    This very thing was brought up in this thread: Nulca
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