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Thread: Getting a job for usic???

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    Default Getting a job for usic???

    I see that USIC is hiring in PA. From reading the forum i guess the locaters only get paid about 12-13 an hour. I am just wondering how much overtime they get a week? Do you get overtime every week? How often do you get raises? Also when you are on-call how often do you actually get called out?

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    Default Re: Getting a job for usic???

    They get a LOT of OT in season.... None in wintertime.... never get raises.... on-call get called a lot and usually when it is the MOST inconvenient....

    Good Luck...

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    Default Re: Getting a job for usic???

    In PA you're looking at 13.50 to start. During the summer, you'll be able to pull home 12 hour days err'day, but you'll probably be made to wait a few weeks/months before being allowed overtime. At least till you're profitable for the company and productive enough to get some work done. In the winter you will be in the poor house unless you somehow manage to save something up. Partial Unemployment is an option, but unless you're coming from a great paying job, you won't be able to expect much. If you are coming from an Independent Contracting gig, you won't be able to receive UC in PA.

    Most locators in PA are on a 24/7 1 week on, 3 weeks off On call schedule, but I've heard of some crews being assigned differently. You would be on call Monday - Friday from 7a-5p in your defined area.

    As far as how often callouts occur, you can never bet on anything. Sometimes I'll get 10-12 callouts in a night, other times I won't have a callout for a day or two.

    Raises are almost non-existent. +18 cents an hour for a year of hard work.

    PA, in my experience, seems to have a good set of managers. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the DM there has 15+ years of locating experience.

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    Default Re: Getting a job for usic???

    Hey ! Thats where I was supposed to show up ! Guess my semper fi was nt working that day, and got a little side tracked with a competitor in Md.!

    Weather, women, ravens (winners) rather than steelers(losers) I dont know ?!

    Oh yeah the $$$ thats right. Guess it was nt all about those fatty checks either !!!

    Good luck on the adventure... Plenty of work... Fake it til you make it...

    "Be like water" as Bruce L says - "you can crash or you can flow"...

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