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    Default Viral Commercials

    The trend for commercials is to have some reality; to be viral. The most viral videos share a few things in common. One, they're unique. Two, they're funny. And three, they look homemade (or at least they do to the casual eye).

    A new ad for Samsung has all those things going for it, which helps explain its surging popularity. The two-minute clip, in which a young kid dances solo on a play mat before being joined by her daycare teachers and then, finally, the entire town, is the talk of the Web.

    We assume there are special effects involved, but doggone it, this video is still a nice way to waste two minutes of your life. Check it out below and then keep scrolling for some other viral hits from months past...

    Other ads that have followed this formula include the Levi's "Walk Across America" clip from several months ago. The video, which quickly went viral, took meticulous planning to give it the desired stop-motion effect. Check it out below ...

    Dodge released a commercial earlier this year starring a monkey dressed like daredevil Evel Knieval. But then PETA got involved and said that monkeys shouldn't be in ads, because it's cruel. Dodge reacted to the reaction by rereleasing the ad with the monkey digitally erased. Wacky, and, of course, viral.

    Of course, not every viral video follows the formula. Humorous raps are also a sure-fire way to get clicks. This is Wingfoot's favorite viral commercial; a clip of a family rhyming about their swanky new minivan that has drawn millions of views. Word!

    Rollin' in the Swagger Wagon!


    * The Dodge Commercial with the Monkey before PETA got involved -
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