Have you ever fantasized, "If I could pick someone to be my uncle it would be......"

Well now is the time to list who you would like as your uncle. Your uncle can be anyone; famous or not so famous - dead or alive. I'll even allow women, if there's a good reason.

My top 10 adopted uncles would be:

1.) Carroll Shelby - (1923-2012) - I've been a contract laborer for him on the west coast NASCAR races since 2006 and met him only once. He is my first choice as an adopted uncle.

2.) Hugh Hefner - Just to inherit some of his MoJo!

3.) Charlie Sheen - He's got MoJo too!

4.) Congressman Ron Paul - He is a true patriot.

5.) Clint Eastwood - He defines cool.

6.) Theodore "Sweaty Teddy" Nugent - Guns & Rock 'n Roll......... Hell, Yeah!

7.) Richard Marvin "Dick" Butkus - NFL Hall of Famer who was a feared middle linebacker for Da Bears.

8.) "Dandy" Dick Landy (1937-2007)

9.) Sonny Leonard - Owner of Sonny's Racing Engines and developer of the 1,005 cubic inch, 2150 hp V-8 motor!

10.) Chip Foose - I just luv his creative work overhaulin' cars.

Honorable Mention: Peter Griffin - Rounding out my list just to keep it real!