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Thread: Another one bites the dust!

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    Default Another one bites the dust!

    Alcoholism is a dreaded disease. I have a sad story to share of one who couldn't stop drinking.

    My sister-in-law's brother Kerry started drinking beer at a very early age. It wasn't much later when vodka became his preferred drink. I've known Kerry for 12+ years; a hard-working, nice guy full of laughter. In retrospect, I don't think I've been around him without a drink in his hand.

    Kerry worked with his two brothers laying tile from the time he quit high school until the housing bust of 2008. Even working daily through gut-wrenching hangovers, Kerry's work was of flawless beauty.

    Kerry never married and through inheritance owns his house free and clear. The house has a detached apartment and Kerry gets $750 per month rent money for it. $250 per month is set aside for maintenance, taxes and insurance. The rest he literally pisses away every month. It's Kerry's only income since his unemployment money ran out in 2009.

    In 2010, Kerry's mother died (a funeral I attended) and the funeral was delayed almost an hour because Kerry was late upon arrival. Kerry arrived through a side door with a brother on each arm holding him up so he could walk. I sat three rows behind him at the memorial service and I could swear I was sitting inside the McCormick Vodka's main distillery room! Whew!

    Six weeks ago Kerry's only friend and drinking buddy called Kerry's brother Marty. The caller said Kerry was hallucinating with terrible slurred speech and dementia. Marty clocked out early from his job to take Kerry to the hospital. The ER physician there labelled Kerry's condition as Wet Brain Syndrome and said Kerry showed signs of the beginning stage of throat cancer. Kerry chain smoked Marlboro Reds for decades. The physician said Kerry should be dead in two days.

    The hospital kept Kerry for ten days even though he has no health insurance. The hospital bill was over $30,000 for the pain killers, drip bags and the use of the bed! Knowing they would never get a dime from Kerry, the final bill was adjusted to $1,500...............

    When Kerry was released from the hospital, he stayed with his sister (my sister-in-law) for four weeks. Kerry was always wanting the keys for his truck. My sister-in-law checked out Kerry's truck and surprise, surprise........... there was booze in the cab.

    My sister-in-law and husband took Kerry to a free shelter. Kerry was only there a few days when the workers sent a sick Kerry to the county hospital. The hospital drew five liters of brown fluid from his abdomen! Kerry had ten liters of brown fluid in his abdomen but the hospital was afraid to draw that much out all at once........... EWWWWW!

    Kerry stayed at the county hospital because both his legs were turning purple and swelling. Kerry had a monitor on his finger and he wanted to smoke it like a cigarette! Yesterday morning, a blood clot from Kerry's blueing legs lodged in his heart and he died instantly..........

    Kerry was only 48 years old! His surviving family (four siblings) is paying $1,710 to have Kerry's remains cremated and the ashes hauled to the city dump...............................

    Another one bites the dust!


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    Default Re: Another one bites the dust!

    A very sad story. I've never understood addiction but I know some people just cant shake it. It is like a cancer.

    I've often said I'm lucky that I've never had an addictive personality (if that is the correct way to phrase it) but in truth, I am the norm. I should say other people are UNlucky to have an addictive personality.

    Sorry for your families loss.
    "Change does not always equal progress."

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    Default Re: Another one bites the dust!

    Wing, Sorry for your family's loss. I can relate to the addiction of alcohol some people have.

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