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(CNN) - “Some say the [statues & monuments] are racist symbols of America's dark legacy of slavery.”

AJC.com - Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain.

Vice.com - It’s Time To Blow Up Mount Rushmore

“These (white) leaders see people of color as sub-human.”

Delaware Ohio News - Ohio Gov. John Kasich Legalizes Exhumation of Confederate Soldiers Statewide

Issues the ANTIFA crowd will be targeting very soon:

1.) In 2016, the alt-left Southern Poverty Law Center identified 1,503 Confederate “place names and other symbols in public spaces” across the nation but admitted the study was “far from comprehensive.”

2.) There are at least 109 public schools named after prominent Confederates.

3.) The Confederate flag maintains a publicly supported presence in at least six Southern states.

4.) There are 10 major U.S. military bases named in honor of Confederate military leaders.

5.) There are nine official Confederate holidays or observances in six Southern states.

Hey Antifa. Have you ever heard this story?