A couple of years ago I started on a job building a fiber ring around the twin cities in MN. One day we were drilling and a power line truck shows up, lineman gets out and says, "Did you guys hit a power line?" I said no. Strike alert never went off, never felt or heard anything...well, apparently we did hit a cable. The locator painted 1 red line on the route. I dug up 1 power cable, and dug 1' under it. We were running parallel to it, and we decided to dig it up in addition to our exit pit, even though we were running a good 2'-3' away from it. Turns out there were 17 more cables spaced out below it and to either side of it. Apparently we did hit one of them, however we were far enough away from it to where it wasn't our fault.

The locator was in-house for the power company up there, and the same locator was responsible for 5 other crews hitting power lines - and that was just that week I was up there. He told one crew he flat out couldn't locate a cable that came down a riser and told the crew, "Hell, not my responsibility." Needless to say, I picked up and left the next day. I wasn't about to let of my guys get killed because this guy was an idiot.