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Thread: redo survived

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    Smile redo survived

    Howdy everyone,
    I haven't posted since april of last year,(but I have visited the site about everyday ) when I had just hit the field with my mentor WHO IS AWESOME.
    But 2 weeks later he was injured in a bad fall- he's better now- but I was thrown in the deep end--best training I could have received- stressful at first, freaking out over all the tics in red, but that only lasted about a week, I learned to stop and breath and just focus on one tic at a time. And keep close contact with the contractors if running behind,they don't want to damage anything either.
    My crew of guys and sup are the best I could have ever hoped for, always just a phone call away, Have been doing H.P.'s,major projects,nasties of all kind,going to any area my sup wants me to go to to help other locators get caught up and it has paid off.
    We were just underbid on on of our largest contracts in my state and folks were let go "That sucks" and I was for sure I'd be one of them-Last hired First fired sort of thing.
    I was told I had proven myself as a keeper,but I would probably have to relocate out of state,Grateful to keep job,but bummer to lose my crew
    .Just found out I get to stay with my crew-which is still intact- no one lost their job.but our area grew and I will finally get my own bucket.Everyone is pretty confident we will get the contract back in under a year.
    A lot of folks really gives USIC down the road on this forum,and I guess it depends on where you are,but I wouldn't trade with anyone. My sup and all the guys in my crew really watch out for each other,and My sup will come out and help on a locate if needed.
    .The only dumb questions are the ones not asked.
    And to the folks just coming out of school I can tell ya the hardest job you will ever do is the first one you do solo.
    I look back and laugh to my self when I think of my first solo-way to many flags-that backyard looked like a carnival when I was done.
    Any who just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the knowledge I've gained from this site.
    Read on here the women keep leaving,we are not gone just to busy to chat

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    Default Re: redo survived

    Congrats on keeping your own area.

    Believe me now that your first year is done the rest will fly by. The crazy thing is you could do this job for 20 years and still learn something new all the time.

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