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    I so proud to say I have a -2 Rating as a Member of this Great forum called the Cablevine. That is so awsome. I thank you all for this Great award

    You can see my friends are happy too. Can we see how low one can go HEHEHE

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    I want to say I checked out the whole Membership list Again I am so proud to say (holding back tears) I have THE worst reputation of any menber of Cablevine Let me thank you all for put up with me. I am so blessed. I like to take this time to thank my Family. For which without them I could not done this. And of coarse I mostly thank Steve The King of The Kingdom for which Cablevine would not have happen with out him. Hugs Big Guy: kiss:

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    Steve has put this forum out there for us to vent. Why are you so upset. There are only a couple of rules. The ratings come from the overall collective in the forum. So sit back, have a beer, and write a post with some substance, and not just a lecture on "everyone's" behavior.
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