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Thread: Hello from Houston

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    Default Re: Hello from Houston

    Quote Originally Posted by USIC1 View Post
    Now come clean- its a handicap job that most dont want to do...

    The constant turnover and job openings speaks volumes to the above statement...

    Utilities contract locating out( like our outsourcing to China) except it has to stay in the U.S... So you know the standards- bodys with limited brain and much braun... Ride the bull (if you can) until you get tossed... The corporate ladder is limited to a whip and a laptop for number crunching...The goal is to meet expectations beyond that which a major corporate utility would expect from their personnel (thats why its outsourced anyway)... Front line guys and gals must be willing to sacrifice themselves through questionable executioning of job functions... Alot of times that is the norm, and knowing that they did there best but are still just shady signal away from the end of the barrel is the pledge they must make...

    Sometimes reality bites so lets not avoid the facts...

    Wow, every once in a while you get on this "zen" focus and just nail it man! Even the boys who "rap" you gotta give you props on that statement man, woo-hoo...!

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    Default Re: Hello from Houston

    you may like it... you may hate it... I still dont know if I like it or hate it..... and been in the buisness since 05'.... been a sup, and locator, in 3 states....

    I think i am more hating than liking...

    always look for something else...

    dont be affraid to paint like crazy. and use alot of flags.... always remember the more color in photos (paint and Flags) can save your ass....

    get someone to teach you how to effectivly drop the box.... it works, but you need to know what the hell your doing ....

    the new trend in this buisness is documenting everything.... do it...
    these companies are using email for everything. so they want you to email everything so there is a paper trail....

    sometimes i spend more time on the phone with contractors and sending out emails than actually locating....

    you'll see ,,,,

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    Default Re: Hello from Houston

    We've been told e-mails are no better than phone calls unless the contractor sends back confirmation of receiving the e-mail.
    I might not be as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was !

    It's better to be Pissed Off than Pissed On or Stood On and Pissed Off Of !

    The views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not reflect the views of my employer. or my wife , if that matters.

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    Default Re: Hello from Houston

    The New Trend is Documenting everything? That was beat into my skull by my trainer back in '00.

    I think the new trend is for the locators to put more energy into jumping though hoops then into locating.


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