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Thread: Hello all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lead^Tech View Post
    Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Owned for 4 years now with Father who owns Environmental / Excavation company. New England Subsurface Imaging, LLC. Excuse the website. In the process of having one professionally done. Don't get much in the way of business thru the site anyway. Used to use GPR while in USMC for SOC.. weapons and hidden bunkers, underground evac tunnels, mic's in sandwalls and concrete walls. Worked for another Private Util company for 5 years before starting mine. Going real well in a bad economy I must say. All Radiodetection and all GSSI. Will be looking to hire an experienced locator soon WITH EXPERIENCE doing concrete imaging..<-- MUST.

    And yes the cold is coming real quick. Can't stand it myself. Just winterized my sportbikes...sigh..
    The website looks good to me. When you decide to hire someone, go to and post your job opening there. It is free and you will get a very good response.

    Okay, I'm done with the shameless plugs... for now.
    "Change does not always equal progress."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcbro86 View Post
    wow man, thats awesome you're doing well in a bad economy. i must say for myself that even though oklahoma has come thru the recession better off than alot of other states, i still kow alot of people without jobs. even though the big locate companies like usic have alot wrong with them i must say i'm thankful for a job that does so well even in recession. i'm sure most of us are thankful for that this year.

    it sounds like you would probably have some pretty interesting stories about your time in the USMC, anything in particular stand out in your mind, anytime overseas?

    Oh yeah, mostly overseas. I'm an 8541. Can't really post any information and places publicly. What stands out in my mind is every single final firing position.
    New England Subsurface Imaging
    CT Certified WBE/SBE
    Concrete Imaging, Utility Locating

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