Wing that is not me. Many years and I do mean many, about 30, before the word DAWG was what it is now, I would dring Bloody Mary's made with Jack Danials instead of vodka. Man was it good, Made me meaner then tying two cats by the tail and hanging them over a cloth line. (animials lovers please forgive me). I am wiser and rarely drink. But i do still like Bloody Marys made the right way.

My friends would call me RED DAWG because I would turn beat red and wanted to fight anything and everyone. As I am up in years now, I like to think of all the STUPID and FOOLISH things I did.

If I would have patened the name I mught be a little richer.

So instead I am on the VINE trying to sell the thing I have collected over the years to make ends meet.

Look at my post under for sale.