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Thread: Greetings from Calgary Alberta Canada

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    Default Greetings from Calgary Alberta Canada

    Greetings to all and hope everyone is starting off on the right foot for a busy and prosperous new year. I own a private utility locating company in Calgary Alberta Canada and we work all over Alberta, southeastern British Columbia. Sometimes been in Saskatchewan and clients have flown us to the North West Territories to do work so we must be doing something right. I am looking forward to browsing through the forums and see some of the material as there are some very brilliant and helpful people on here and kindly share their knowledge and experience with the rookies and seasoned vets. Hopefully I may be able to provide some sage advice or insights on utility locating that I have picked up in the 12 years doing this job.

    I should clarify that when I say private locating services we do anything and everything that the public locators cannot or will not do for the client. The liability issues are forefront in the locating world so we are busy as we do a lot of searching and marking privately owned facilities and double checking existing locate marks after the public locators are done. Anyhow, look forward to learning and sharing with you all so happy hunting!

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    Default Re: Greetings from Calgary Alberta Canada

    Greetings ABLoc8r! I welcome your membership to the Cable Vine!

    Before becoming a utility locator, I was a commission-only outside-salesperson in Kansas City calling on maintenance shops. One of my training sessions was held in Cleveland, Ohio and in my class was a perky little gal from Calgary. This training session was just a couple weeks after the Calgary Stampede and that was all she talked about. It did sound like the entire city of Calgary was involved with the event.

    Two nights before the end of the training, 8 of us had a nice dinner at a steak house in downtown Cleveland. It was a fun week of learning, filled with camaraderie, topped off with a great meal. At the end of the meal, Little Miss Calgary told us she moonlighted as a Tarot Card Reader and offered her Tarot Reading services FREE to all of us at the table. I immediately chirped, "You can count me out!"

    Little Miss Calgary asked, "Why? Are you afraid what the cards might say?"

    My response, "What you're messing around with is real. It's of the Devil and I'm not interested."

    As you can imagine, a hush befell our crowd. The only person who talked to me afterward was a fella from Jacksonville, Florida who couldn't believe I said what I said.

    Anyway, welcome to the'Vine and post often.

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