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    Hello All,

    Firstly what a fanatstic idea, a locating forum, very much needed in Australia.

    Myself and a colleague will be in the Chicago from 9th - 21 st September and would to catch up with some locators within the Chicago area, would be great to learn how you guys go about your locates and the industry in general in the United States.

    In Australia we seem to be the last to recieve the new products, are there any new exciting products out such as new locators, GPR's, ferro detectors etc etc...

    Look forward to hearing from you guys and one day beating you all in the rodeo's !!!!!

    Safe locating

    Earth Spy

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    Default Re: G'Day USA

    Welcome to the forum EarthSpy. Glad you found us.

    I hate to break the news to ya but I bet the equipment you use is newer than what I got. My newest piece of equipment is a Subsite 75R. I can only guess that it is 20+ years old. However, some of the bigger companies have the newer stuff.

    I'm sure you will be able to get together with a few locators in Chicago. I think a few of them frequent this forum.
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    I was in downtown Chicago a few weeks ago. Couldnt stop talking about the locate marks all over. Drove everyone I was with nutz. It looked like a total nightmare for a country boy locator such as myself. In 7 month I have only had 10 man holes...

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