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Thread: Applying for USIC in Oklahoma

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    Default Applying for USIC in Oklahoma

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I just recently applied for USIC a few weeks ago. This job really sounds like something I would enjoy. I grew up building houses as my Dad is a general contractor. I went to college and got an Associates in Electronics Engineering with Computer Networking. I wired houses for 2 years for one of my Dad's sub contractors. I also was a wireless internet installer for a while. I'm at my current job b/c I got pregnant and needed work. There are not many jobs in Podunk Oklahoma I have been working at a Mental Health facility for 5 1/2 years and setting behind a desk all day is really starting to get to me. I love the outdoors and really miss doing physical labor. After coming here though I am a little worried. I'm afraid that the same corporate headaches that I'm dealing with here will end up happening there. Not that mental health and this company are the same but we have had so many budget cuts in funding that we have had no pay increase in 3 years and keep losing some of our benefits.

    If anyone is here from OK let me know how they are treating you. I have applied for the Shawnee location which hopefully services my county. I know the job listing said hiring for a training class in February. I hope they get back to me soon if that is the case because I need to give current job notification.

    Thanks Everyone!!

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    Default Re: Applying for USIC in Oklahoma

    Take the headaches you have at your job now and times it by 100, thats what you can expect if you work for USIC. Oh, and you will also get no respect, be treating like dirt and be micro- managed to death. Other than that, it is nice working outdoors.

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    Default Re: Applying for USIC in Oklahoma


    While I'm no longer employed with USIC in OK. I located in that area for a number of years. The WOKC district is better than many, as far as dealing with corporate crap is concerned. There are a number of issues locators from the "old school" have problems with, but as a new incoming locator you wouldn't be able to compare it anyways. The crews there (with a couple exceptions) are pretty decent. The work can be difficult in the area as well. If you're working the Shawnee area, it will probably mean you'll be on the EOKC crew. The Sup. for the crew is a decent sort, and one of the Lead's for the crew has been doing this for A LONG TIME, and she is a treasure trove of information.

    I know personally, if it came down to working behind a desk, or dealing with the stuff locators deal with...I'd take locating every a matter of fact that's why I do what I do.
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