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Thread: Unable to sign-in

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    Default Unable to sign-in

    Steve, your pop-up ads are covering the normal log-in slot.
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    Default Re: Unable to sign-in

    I don't have pop-ups so I'm guessing your are talking about the ads at the very top. I didn't think those were working. I was playing around with the ad management system and those ads weren't showing for me, so I figured they just weren't working. I switched to the old template and I can see them there. I disabled them so all should be fine now.

    The permissions for this forum is very detailed and it is easy to make mistakes that affect some peoples viewing abilities while not affecting others.

    If you see actual pop-ups then it means there is some kind of virus that is causing them. Pop-ups are ads that open in a smaller window on top of the forum.

    Thanks for letting me know.
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