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Thread: Seeking USED RadioDetection RD4000 or RD8000 set.

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    Default Seeking USED RadioDetection RD4000 or RD8000 set.


    I was wondering if anyone had any RadioDetection RD4000 buried utility cable locators in stock. I am looking for a full RD4000 set, meaning the receiver, transmitter, inductive ring clamp, and direct connect clip leads. I am willing to consider a used condition of the units in order to keep the price as low as possible. It would be great if you could tell me the exact model number of the units you have available, for example the RD4000 receiver would be RD4000Rx or RD4000MRx, and the transmitter would be RD4000T3, RD4000T3F, or RD4000T10. I would also need to know the frequency selection on any transmitters as they were allowed to be customized at the factory with different frequencies at the original customers request. As for the inductive ring clamp, I need the 4 inch version.

    I would also be interested in prices on a used RD8000PDL receiver and a used RDTX3 or RDTX10 transmitter, along with 4 inch inductive clamp and direct connect clip leads. Cosmetic damage or scratches are perfectly fine.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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    Default Re: Seeking USED RadioDetection RD4000 or RD8000 set.

    Are you still looking for a rd 4000? I have one

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