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Thread: We hope to find a reliable Cooperative partner(buyer)

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    Smile We hope to find a reliable Cooperative partner(buyer)

    We hope to find a reliable Cooperative partner(buyer) to expand the international cable market, It is our relevant information below. If you have a interest, contact me

    Company Introduction:


    Baofeng Cable Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest wire and cable enterprises in China,with the headquarter located in Hejian city of Hebei province.It is a large-sized company and the only member of the International Cable Makers Federation in china.The chairman of Zheng Baozhong was elected as "The News Figure in the top ten important news in China 1999". there are 8 general series of Baofeng products covering 8000 specifications,namely low voltage,high and super high voltage XLPE cables PVC power cables,combustion-retant and fire-proof,non-combustion wire & cable cables.rubber sheathed soft cables,Al twisted wire and ACSR,PVC/PE/XLPE wire and cable materials.

    The group has signed a long-term agreement on economic and technological cooperation with the Finland-based Nokia,so as to jointly develop new world-class cable products.Following the one-step saline cross-linked production line and 10-110KV high-voltage cross-linked production line,the company introduced a750KV cross-linked cable production line,the most advanced in the world,from Nextrom Co.of Finland,and cable testing equipment from the Switzerland-based Gaefely Co.,filling gap in China.

    Not only building up a good brand name,Baofeng also emphasis on establishing a strong sales channel. A main sales office and a foreign business unit are set up in Beijing.Baofeng wire and cables are widely used in nation-wide electricity networks.subways,nuclear power plants,airports,seaports,railways and national defense systems etc.,the products are also exported to some countries and areas in Asia,Europe and middle-east.
    For technological services,the company has strictly followed the ISO9001Quality System certification requirements and also introduced a systemized technical"key-handing project",To its customers,the company provides various kinds of technical services according to the requirements of their cable projects,from the planning,designing,reseach and production of cables and spare parts to the installation and debugging.In 2001,the company provided designing,studying,production and construction sevices for the cable project of the subway construction project in Guangzhou and won the patent for all the sevices it provided.

    Company Scenes:

    Company Equipments:

    Our main products:

    Super high voltage XLPE insulated power cable
    750KV XLPE insulated power cable       
    500KV XLPE insulated power cable
    220KV XLPE insulated power cable       
    110KV XLPE insulated power cable


    Medium & High Voltage XLPE insulated power cable
    6-35KV XLPE insulated power cable
    35KV and below XLPE insulated combustion retardant power cable
    1-10KV one-step method silane XLPE insulated power cable


    Low voltage power cable and wire
    Rated voltage 0.6/1kv and below PVC insulated power cable
    Prefabricate Embranchment Cable
    PVC insulated construction wire
    Rated voltage 450/750V,copper core, PVC insulated Nylon sheath construction wire


    Overhead insulated cable
    35KV insulated overhead cable
    10KV one-step method silance XLPE insulated overhead cable
    1KV and below insulated overhead cable


    Various stranded wire
    Aluminium Conductors (Cable) Steel-Reinforced (ACSR)
    Stranded copper wire


    Control signal wire
    Plastic insulated control cable
    Computer control cable
    Low smoke low halogen combustion retardant XLPE insulated control cable
    105℃,135℃,250℃ combustion retardant and fire proof cable
    Fluoroplastic and silicon rubber insulated high temperature and corruption enduring control cable
    Fluoroplastic insulated cable
    Extra high temperature resistance fire proof control cable
    PVC insulated shielded cable
    Iron core PVC insulated PVC sheathed telecommunication cable
    Plastic insulated and shield signal cable
    Mine usage signal cable
    Railroad signal cable control signal wire


    Special installation cable
    Shield control cable with itinerant inspection equipment
    Silastic insulated motor feeder cable (leading-joint cable)
    Silastic insulated high temperature and high voltage electricity installation wire
    Silastic insulated high temperature antiseptic and oil proof soft cable
    Silastic insulated high temperature antiseptic and oil proof flat cable
    High temperature fire-proof installation wire
    Super heat-resistant cable for metallurgy and energy industry
    PVC insulated umbilical soft wire
    Heating umbilical cable for oil well
    Rubber shielded cable for mine usage
    Rated voltage 470/750V and below rubber shielded soft cable


    Combustion retardant cable
    Fire proof cable
    Fire resistant cable


    Special usage cable
    35kv and below XLPE insulated low smoke no halogen, class A combustion retardant cable
    Rat proof cable
    Termite proof cable
    Integrated water proof cable
    Direct current cable
    Electric traction copper contact wire


    Cable accessories and metal tools
    Out door terminations
    GIS terminations
    Insulation middle joint
    Direct connection middle joint

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    Default Re: We hope to find a reliable Cooperative partner(buyer)

    good luck brother????
    wise men talk because they have something to say and fools because they have to say something....plato

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