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Thread: Telephone Splicing Tools

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    Default Telephone Splicing Tools

    I have been out of the contracting buisness for more than a few years and have no need to keep them. I have to get some pics, the ones I had got deleted when my old computer bit the dust.
    PM for details.

    Here is a partial list:

    2) Bell 890 module machines with crazy bar & tripod.
    Butt sets (CMC & Beco touch & rotory)
    Dynatel 745 open/split locator.
    10' Amp cutter kit.
    10' Siemans cutter kit.
    Preformed cutter kit.
    Tool bags.
    Western Progress manhole blowers (110v & 12 v).
    2) Gas testers (explosimeters)
    Umbrella tent.
    And alot of misc. test gear & cable gear.
    Lead tools.
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    Smile Re: Telephone Splicing Tools

    hey there, I am in need of a few things for a splcing job I am starting on qwest property on the 2nd of may... that umbrella for one... I also need a ladder sling... ladder seat and possibly more.... we should talk, my email address is hope 2 hear from ya

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    Default Re: Telephone Splicing Tools

    I am interested in the butt sets that you have. Are they in working condition?
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