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    Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment 2-27-11
    Start you own or enhance what you have
    50MHz Antenna
    The 50 MHz frequency is not allowed to be sold commercially in the US anymore. This is a rare antenna which has great depth capabilities.
    In West central Florida I was able to achieve depth to 240ft in some areas. This antenna is ideal for sinkhole investigations, preconstruction investigations, mining operations utilize this device to locate muck or clay pockets embedded in limestone as well as fissures in granite. This is an unshielded antenna and is primarily used for deep subsurface investigations.

    100 MHz Antenna
    The 100 MHz is pre FCC and is a versatile shielded antenna that is great for sinkhole investigations as well as other deep to medium depth capabilities. My standard setting for this frequency was 70 ft in West Central Florida area but in ideal conditions may reach depths to 100+ ft below existing ground surface.

    500MHz Antenna
    The 500 MHz antenna is wonderful antenna and has proven itself over and over again. I have used this frequency to find voids and cavities below concrete slab, verify steel embedment in concrete columns and slabs. I have located millions of dollars in buried cash for government agencies as well as locating over seven hundred buried human remains.
    I have located buried murder victims for sheriffs depts. and utilized this device for various government agencies to locate drugs and stolen items. This radar has a depth capability of approximately 15 ft and is fantastic for utility location as well as UST.

    1 GIGHz

    The 1 GIGHz frequency is another very rare frequency that is ideal for location embedded steel in concrete as we as shallow utility location. It can also be used to determine asphalt thickness as well as base course thickness for roadways.
    This frequency is also great for locating drugs and other illegal substance in walls as well as columns. This is for shallow investigations with a depth capability of about 3 ft.

    All equipment will be sold with all cables, control panel as well as software and batteries and 2 computers.

    Equipment can be demonstrated for serious buyers. All equipment is in perfect working order Training can be provided at an additional cost anywhere in the world.

    Asking $22,000 for complete setup
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