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Thread: Mexico

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    Default Mexico

    Quote Originally Posted by daman1 View Post
    I've been to El Paso, TX and spent a lot of time on the other side in Juarez. Where else can you bring home a suitcase full of tequilla at $1.89 a fifth USD?
    Greetings daman1! Is that tequilla $1.89 a fifth with or without the worm?


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    Default Re: Mexico

    Hard to find a bottle down there without the worm. Big old nasty worms too. But if you think i'm swallowing that after drinking the bottle, forget it. Never really enjoyed barfing much.

    Some folks make a big show of it but the mere sight of someone eating a tequilla worm turns my stomach. They have little worm eyes and i only consume protien that doesnt look at me like that.

    Looking back, i shoulda sold the worm to one of the guys sharing that bottle for 2 bucks and turned a profit.

    Ah to be young again.....
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