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Thread: Why do you do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Blunderbuss View Post
    One can bitch about any job that they've had it in the past; any manager, corporate weinies, co-workers, etc. It's no different in this line of work. But what sets it apart is you don't have someone directly breathing down your neck, watching every move you make. You are, to a certain extent, your own manager. As long as you're doing your job, there should never be a problem.
    Since college, I have had jobs that paid piece work, paid by the hour, salaried by the day, salaried by the month, monthly guarantee plus commissions and full commission with no guarantee (I paid all my expenses - No Sales = No Money!)

    95% of my work history B4 locating has been with corporations. In my past, I have been supervised by the biggest assholes, dummies, thieves and liars this world has ever produced. Today, being a locator is cake! And I'm making substantially more now than I ever did working for those corporate pricks.........
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