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Greetings Nb22x! To arrive at a damage ratio of damages per 1,000 tickets, there is a vital part of the equation missing - the quantity of valid locate requests during 2013. Surely that number is in the billions............ just sayin'.

28,000,000 total locate requests for 2013. Per CGA.
2+2 Beers = 6 pack.
Greetings Nb22x! Roughly speaking, I am being told there were a quarter million damages on 28 million valid locate requests. That equates to 1 damage for every 112 tickets generated (28 X 4 = 112) - NATIONWIDE! That's like 3 or 4 damages a month in my small area. Based on roughly 40 damages a year in my area, a 16% at-fault ratio would be 7 at-faults a year. I don't know how long I would last in this business with a quality ratio like that................. just sayin'.