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Thread: What a wasted day!

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    Default What a wasted day!

    Got a call last week to do a private locate. I asked if the site had been prepped for excavation. I was told no, but they would be ready today. So I head there..... 3-hour trip (1-way!), spend an hour marking two electrical lines and tell them I can't locate a poly gas line without a tracer, then 3 hours home.

    Well, they really didn't have the area prepped. Weeds taller than me, and some 7-year-old trees to boot.

    My guess is 'prepping' falls under 'bring in the equipment, dig up all the trees and grass and cattails and thorn bushes........ oh, and while you're running that thing, make sure you scrape off all those locate marks!"

    Needless to day, I feel like I wasted my entire day. Oh well, at least I'm paid.

    Rant off.

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    Default Re: What a wasted day!

    I have to wonder what his definition is for (prepping)??? LOL
    wise men talk because they have something to say and fools because they have to say something....plato

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