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    I have been locating for about 5 years and everyone used to come on this site to talk about the good and the bad things about ther workers and management I due like doing this work but i dont understand how ther are 7 supervisors in my district and only 1 of them realy goes out and works all i hear is how the sups are never around and i can see it they are so busy sitting at home and hideing and why due we have a trainer has anyone ever had a meeting with ther group and seen ther trainer with follow up training on anything owe they can send out emails and speeking of emails taht paul p guy how due you get his job send out 1 email a day and get paid big money plus bonuses if the company wants to save money why dont they look at the sups the trainer and that paul guy to save probably couple hundred thousand a year and i due beleave ther are to many regional managers what a waste they are .
    Ill ask all of you lets post ways we think the company could save money in your district and maybe the company will realize the locators are the ones that make the company money please respond with your ideas?

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    I've been keeping up with this site since 2009 and a member since 2010. It seems the relationship between locators and their employer sours more every year. There's not much fat left to trim. They've trimmed the meat out of the safety margins already. Getting jealous of supervisors and taking from them won't put a dime in our pockets. Even if I thought I could double USIC's profits I'd rather just keep my mouth shut. Those profits would just be passed out to upper management as bonuses, raise stock prices, and be skimmed by investors. You will never see a penny of extra profit you make for the company in your paycheck.
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