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I have tried inducing with two different Vivax transmitters with the result being that it was useless in induction mode. The Model Number is VX205-2 and a net search did not show the specifications for this transmitter. I believe that this is the 5 watt model and that there is a 10 watt model available. Readers here using the 10 watt model report it working fine in induction mode.

Others have reported that the Vivax was useless in induction mode but did not know which model they had. If the 5 watt model is a problem in induction mode consider buying only 10 watt models in the future.
It seems the problems with the 5W vivax transmitter is that the operators are mostly all male. For us guys reading the directions is like asking for directions, just not done.

I was playing around with a vivax 5W transmitter and found that low and behold the induction mode has adjustable power output setting. By using the up and down power button you can select low, medium or high output. The low setting is the default and it seems not to be able to induce with this. I bucked it up to high and got satisfactory results though I suspect an 810 would give good readings over a longer distance.

Those of you that have had trouble getting your vivax to work in induction mode try this if you have not already and let us know the results.